kurb n go is founded by a group of highly experienced, motivated and engaged individuals with years of experience in technology, innovation, community engagement and go to market strategies.

Our leadership team has worked closely with supporting small businesses using technology and innovation, creating products that are easy to use, highly effective, quick to adopt and affordable.

kurb n go is a direct outcome of the immediate and overwhelming need of the restaurant industry on one hand to get away from the price gouging of the various online delivery platforms and retaining their revenue, and a huge gap for the non restaurant retailers on the other, for pickup and delivery platform that’s similar and powerful.

We have made this platform feature rich and easy to adopt for the consumers, and affordable, commission free, powerful and easy to get started for the businesses.

We endeavor to provide you with the best experience and efficiency gains using our platform and look forward to working with you and your business

app screen kurb n go

kurb n go Features

Feature rich, easy to use, easy to setup and powerful app to allowed businesses to introduce and capitalize on a mobile pickup and delivery platform for a flat commission free price

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kurb n go analytics are constantly updated as we slowly start to infiltrate and take over this retail market

Total installs 500#s
Businesses 20#s
Items on Sale 430#s
Transactions processed 2000#s